Mr Trump as president?

My first thoughts were disbelief. How long will he last before impeachment – for sex crimes, for tax fraud, for business fraud, electoral fraud, for improper relationships with the secret service of a foreign power, for whatever pressure, coercion, even blackmail was used on the head of the FBI for him to speculate on Hilary Clinton’s e-mail procedures? If those last two issues see the light of day, might there be a CIA/military coup to restore US law? The checks provided by the Senate, Congress and judiciary seem non-existent or too weak to restrain him. The formerly grand old party whose former leaders seemingly were having second thoughts about him, has been seen as a feeble tarnished and discredited force, with their new electoral success owing more to Trump than to them, so the small numbers of Trump supporters in the party may even succeed in influencing the majority views into quiet collusion. The political Establishment / Elite against whom he painted himself as the challenger, will reabsorb him as one of their own, rather than challenge him back.

We live in weird times and my friend Michaal in New York posted TEOTWAWKI – apparently the acronym used by survivalist cults for “the End of the World as we know it.” I looked at some other dictionaries, as I’m vaguely familiar with the expression “let the Trump sound!” I found, inter alia,

“Trump (archaic or literary):

noun: 2. See the last trump – the blowing of a trumpet that heralds the Apocalypse;

verb: 5. (intransitive) British slang: to expel intestinal gas through the anus.[1]

The verb is possibly relevant to the way that the electorate responded. They saw him as the sort of big noise with which they were intimately familiar.

The noun makes you aware that some people in USA have a range of different attitudes to the end of the world to those held by the rest of humanity.

Trump has managed to unite several of these different factions into voting for him. There are those who have spent years in survivalist pursuits and are indifferent to TEOTWAWKI, as for them, it’s a chance to put their skills into practice, to justify to their complaining family the fortune they’ve spent on battery-powered gadgets or stores of freeze-dried possum cutlets and tinned porcupine testicles. There are some who think that the Great Rapture will bring them and their fellow born-again-believers-in-their-unique-salvation up into Heaven, using their pre-bought permits to bypass the Final Judgement barriers. There are some who want to try out their Post-Apocalyse-Zombie-guns and those that can sell you a franchise to start up your own enterprise: printing “the End is Nigh” t-shirts or issuing licenced but expensive certificates of Divine Forgiveness.

Truly, to the entrepreneur or the optimist, every disaster is an opportunity,


Mr Trump as president?


[1] “Trump” in Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © Harper Collins Publishers)




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I am enjoying my liberation! • this resulted from an early retirement from work in local government, after extensive experience in Youth, Community & Adult Education. An escape to be celebrated. • I've also finished work at Ofsted, the crown service responsible for inspecting the quality of education and services for children and their families. It used to be more conscious of its independence from the civil service, from politics, politicians and political positioning, from parties, powers and principalities, press, prejudice, pressures and striving for popularity and proud of acting without fear and favour and on the basis of evidence and performance. The following of these principles is currently less clear and although I miss my inspection work and former colleagues, I do not miss the pressures and current tends. Still lots of projects, contracts and commissions, providing management, consultancy, evaluations and inspections in education, heritage, arts & culture; giving individuals & organisations challenges: critical friendship; mentoring; leadership; management; quality improvement; adaptation to change; inclusive or ethical policies / practices. • Contracts include music production, unique participative music events and research. • Clients have included Help the Aged, with commissions for me to create projects for elders to make music in inspirational settings & to evaluate a pilot project for elders creating a radio station as a voice for their generations. For National Museums, Liverpool, the Musicians' Gallery, which brought new music, spoken word and dance into treasured spaces to invite a new way of appreciating them. From New Art Exchange, a commission to create a performance art installation during the Liverpool Biennial,. This took the ideas of volunteers, old and young: their hard work and beauty of movement and song into a successful, intriguing and soulful performance. • After many years of fighting for and sustaining arts work with young people and their communities, then for creative skills for adult learners while I was head of a centre of excellence - now MY turn: my free-lance work has helped me find my own voice and put my hands to work directly and creatively in music, environment & 3D art. Opportunities for making things directly, working with talented and good-hearted friends, sharing the delight in broadcasts, publications, presentations and performances – That is liberation.
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