We have a cider ceilidhe on 16th January, to mark Robbie Burns Immortal Memory and his legacy for post-modernist cider making

We had a brilliant Pomona launch and Ceilidhe in October. On 16th January we have another from 7 -10 pm. This take the (rough) form of a Burns Supper.- at the Old Church, Brookfield Gardens, West Kirby, Merseyside. This will be a recreation of the kirk in Tam O’Shanter, no doubt with a similar congregation.


“And, vow! Tam saw an unco sight

Warlocks and witches in a dance;

Nae cotillion brent-new frae France,

But hornpipes, jigs strathspeys, and reels,

Put life and mettle in their heels. ”

The Supper gives us a chance to raise a few funds, taste our cider from last year, but mostly to hold a convivial celebration to balance with the hard work which has been involved over the last 6 months in building up the equipment, resources and expertise, cleaning, scratting, pressing, bottling, organising, sampling and tasting. It’ll be seasonal, lots of food and drink, live music with a dance caller for the barn dance with Scots, French, Irish and English Country dance elements which have proved great fun and surprisingly easy to join in. Music is provided by Shindig and by the lovely Helen Maher and her band. We have a maximum of 80 tickets to sell, which will pay for the band, the expenses and earn us enough, we hope, to pay for any extra bits we need. The Wirral Green Party have also bought a block of tickets to raise funds from the tickets they resell and help us get a full house. Please put the date in your diary now and let me know how many tickets you want. Burns Supper 16th January 2015 from 7.00-10.00pm Ticket price to be £10.00 to include: A Burns Supper Menu which you can eat in your seats or standing, without need for us setting out any tables (to save space in hall so that maximum numbers can attend)

  • Snicky-snacketty Soup in mugs (from Largs in Ayrshire, near where the Young Burns cavorted, traditional recipe was passed down by a 98 year-old herring-splicer who learned it from her granny. [1]
  • Traditional haggis in a freshly-made granary bun wi’ neep n’ apricottery puree [2]
  • (or vegan/veggie equivalent in a freshly-made granary bun wi’ neep n’ apricottery puree[3]
  • Selection of mince pie, shortbread, apple cake etc. including some egg & dairy free items for vegans, etc. brought by Pomona members, Green Party supporters ,

free 330ml sample of Pomona cider or 550ml juice/beer equivalent. Bar and hot drinks available till 9:30pm Children 5-16 : reduced price of £5.00 ( under 5 will not be charged If enough apples can be collected then we will set up the scratter and small press for fresh juice (volunteers needed.)

Timings        7.00   start: 7.30   pipe in the Haggis 9.30   bar closes 10.00 event ends

Other points: do not park in road or upset the neighbours by loud or boisterous mollocking in the street. parking for guests at the back of Concourse Leisure Centre, Grange Road West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4HX then cross over main road and into Brookfield Gardens.. Some parking at end of Carpenters’ lane / Townfield Road: along (dark) lane and in the back gate (N.B. steps down into the centre are more awkward than those up into the centre at the front for anyone with unsteady footing)

[1] Granny in turn got it from the two hairy bikers’ video: recipe has no dairy/eggs/meat/poultry: one version with salmon, Veggie/Vegan without. Some nuts, no wheat

[2] Some wheat, some mixed malted grains, no nuts: lamb and chicken

[3] Some wheat, some mixed malted grains, will contain nuts and possibly peanuts



About pdellwand

I am enjoying my liberation! • this resulted from an early retirement from work in local government, after extensive experience in Youth, Community & Adult Education. An escape to be celebrated. • I've also finished work at Ofsted, the crown service responsible for inspecting the quality of education and services for children and their families. It used to be more conscious of its independence from the civil service, from politics, politicians and political positioning, from parties, powers and principalities, press, prejudice, pressures and striving for popularity and proud of acting without fear and favour and on the basis of evidence and performance. The following of these principles is currently less clear and although I miss my inspection work and former colleagues, I do not miss the pressures and current tends. Still lots of projects, contracts and commissions, providing management, consultancy, evaluations and inspections in education, heritage, arts & culture; giving individuals & organisations challenges: critical friendship; mentoring; leadership; management; quality improvement; adaptation to change; inclusive or ethical policies / practices. • Contracts include music production, unique participative music events and research. • Clients have included Help the Aged, with commissions for me to create projects for elders to make music in inspirational settings & to evaluate a pilot project for elders creating a radio station as a voice for their generations. For National Museums, Liverpool, the Musicians' Gallery, which brought new music, spoken word and dance into treasured spaces to invite a new way of appreciating them. From New Art Exchange, a commission to create a performance art installation during the Liverpool Biennial,. This took the ideas of volunteers, old and young: their hard work and beauty of movement and song into a successful, intriguing and soulful performance. • After many years of fighting for and sustaining arts work with young people and their communities, then for creative skills for adult learners while I was head of a centre of excellence - now MY turn: my free-lance work has helped me find my own voice and put my hands to work directly and creatively in music, environment & 3D art. Opportunities for making things directly, working with talented and good-hearted friends, sharing the delight in broadcasts, publications, presentations and performances – That is liberation.
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